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Aquto Insights: Data Wars & Making the Case for Sponsored Data

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Susie Riley
March 31, 2015

We’ve been seeing advertisements for different carriers data promotions for months, years now. It’s of particular interest to us, at Aquto, but I suddenly started to notice that people outside of this industry were talking about megabytes, gigabytes, and the impact that certain mobile internet activities have on their data plans.

The change in mobile users’ lexicon was so sudden, and feels particularly acute to someone who has been speaking this language for years in a vacuum, I began to wonder what other implications the increased use of mobile data jargon was having, and what would be coming next.

In this issue of Aquto Insights, we examine the ongoing Data Wars among US carriers and the consequences, unintended and otherwise, of the fierce competition for users.

How have data promotions, like Rollover Data, increased consumer awareness and knowledge of mobile data? How loyal and price-sensitive are mobile users? And, what lessons can be learned from other industries that faced extreme competition, price pressure, and an increasingly educated consumer?

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