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Change is inevitable...

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Susie Riley
January 26, 2015

And, to profit from it, we must understand the events that lead up to and serve as a catalyst for change.

Handset manufacturers, carriers, the media industry, retailers, enterprise software providers, finance industry, and education have been transformed by the mobile internet revolution. Some for better, others for worse. The only universality is that change came and continues to come.

At the start of 2015, carriers are competing aggressively for subscribers and challenged to make those subscribers as profitable as possible.

Media companies – both content providers and advertisers – are challenged to make the mobile phone as important to their bottom-line as it is to their consumers’ lives.

The key to understanding change is to understand the movements that serve as precursors to major change.

At Aquto, we’re exploring consumer and industry patterns that can tip off the next major evolution in the mobile industry, and we’re publishing our findings quarterly in Aquto Insights.

The first Aquto Insights report focused on the role of mobile video in consumers’ lives, as both a challenge and opportunity for carriers, and as a source of frustrated ambition for advertisers, along with a thorough overview of the global sponsored-data market.

Mobile video use is growing at an astonishing clip, but the data needed to fuel that growth is scarce and currently paid for by a price-sensitive constituent – the consumer. How can we change the data monetization structure to fuel mobile video growth, and benefit consumers, carriers, and the media industry? Download Aquto Insights here to find out.

We’ll be tackling the big problems – ones without clear-cut answers – to spark conversation, debate, and get us thinking forward about the future of mobile.

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