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Susie Kim Riley es una entrepreneur en serie con múltiples startups que la respaldan. Su última empresa es Aquto, líder en datos patrocinados y recompensas de datos con operadores en los Estados Unidos, Europa y Latinoamérica. Aquto está cambiando la forma en que los consumidores obtienen acceso a conectividad móvil permitiendo a los usuarios utilizar apps, ver videos y otro contenido en sus dispositivos, sin consumir sus datos o planes de datos.

DENT Wireless, a Hong Kong-based blockchain mobile data exchange, and Aquto, a sponsored data and data rewards platform, has entered into a partnership to unlock new ways for operators to monetize their networks. Smartphone penetration throughout the world is high, but mobile internet data is still a luxury for most consumers. “DENT’s use of cryptocurrency to sponsor users’ data plans is truly unique and could accelerate our common mission to democratize mobile internet data and make it more accessible for all,” discussed Aquto CEO and Founder Susie Kim Riley. “Connecting through Aquto’s platform unlocks some of the world’s leading carriers and will enable their customers to gain access to more mobile data, possibly the most vital and fungible commodity today.”

Telefónica has signed a new deal that will see companies such as Coca-Cola sponsoring free data for its customers worldwide. The operator has teamed up with US-based sponsored data specialist Aquto to offer free data to customers in exchange for tasks such as completing surveys, watching videos and signing up for subscriptions. Mexico is the first Telefónica market to make use of Aquto’s platform, with Latin America and other regions to follow.

Telefonica will be offering Aquto's data rewards service to millions of its subscribers in Mexico and in other markets globally, giving them access to more mobile data through sponsorships. Aquto works with some of the largest brands including The Coca-Cola Company, Banco Azteca, EasyTaxi and Mondelēz International to give users access to more mobile data. Aquto's Sponsored Data Marketing Cloud is a self-service campaign-driven platform that marketers and agencies can use to reward their customers with additional mobile data for engagement – such as watching videos, downloading and using apps, making purchases or performing any Call-to-Action associated with a marketing or advertising campaign, on any inventory. Mobile engagement is accelerating globally, as social platforms, app developers, and marketers pay increasing attention to the rapidly growing smartphone base and growing economy in the region, said Aquto. Aquto's service enables users to get more out of their mobile devices by giving them free data packages, sponsored by third-party app publishers, advertisers and marketers.

Aquto, especialista en el ámbito de datos patrocinados y recompensas, anunció el día de hoy una alianza con el proveedor global de telecomunicaciones móviles, Telefónica Movistar. La alianza traerá el servicio de datos patrocinados y recompensas de datos a millones de los suscriptores de Telefónica, y les otorgará acceso a más datos móviles a través de patrocinios. Por otro lado, permite a Telefónica brindar a sus suscriptores mayor valor al monetizar su red de datos móviles. Aquto ya colabora con algunas de las principales marcas del mundo, como es el caso de The Coca-Cola Company, Banco Azteca, Easytaxi y Mondelez International para dar al usuario acceso a más datos móviles.

Orange ouvre une Zone Verte avec Aquto pour le surf sponsorisé afin de ne pas décompter les données des applications partenaires ou les vidéos de partenaires. Le service est ouvert aux abonnés Orange et Sosh utilisateurs d'Android. Orange se lance dans la Data sponsorisée en France. Les abonnés à une offre mobile (Orange, Open, Sosh, Mobicarte,...) et utilisateurs d'Android peuvent bénéficier d'une Zone Verte, comme pour les zones à stationnement de longue durée. Orange s'est associé avec Aquto, un éditeur spécialiste des données sponsorisées. Ainsi, les applications et les vidéos publicitaires des partenaires d'Aquto ne sont pas décomptés de la Data du forfait ou de la recharge. Les vidéos bénéficiant de la Zone Verte sont signalées avec le logo adéquat tandis qu'une annonce avertit l'entrée en Zone Verte pour les applications mobile et les pages Web. Le téléchargement des applications des partenaires depuis le Google Play Store n'est pas compris dans la Zone Verte.

En México el número de suscripciones de telefonía móvil es de 110 millones según el Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFETEL), es decir, 9 de cada 10 personas en México cuentan con un teléfono móvil. De este total de teléfonos móviles existentes, 73.4% corresponden a smartphones o teléfonos inteligentes y el 26.6% a features phones o teléfonos básicos según un análisis de The Competitive Intelligence Unit (The-CIU). Los datos, arriba referidos, nos revelan que existe una gran oportunidad por parte de las empresas para desarrollar estrategias de mobile marketing o marketing móvil, definido por Kinetica como “el conjunto de técnicas y formatos para promocionar productos y servicios utilizando los dispositivos móviles como canal de comunicación”. En este sentido, en el marco de la Feria eShow México 2017, Marcio Chaer de la compañía Aquto señaló que “99% de las marcas no se dan cuenta de la importancia de una estrategia para móvil”. Asimismo, recalcó: “que hoy la gran mayoría de las compañías de e-commerce o retailers, desconocen cómo llevar a cabo una estrategia de mobile, por lo que hacen muchas inversiones en desktop y pocas inversiones en aplicaciones, que es la forma más correcta de enganchar con sus clientes”.

Verizon Wireless launched its long-promised sponsored data program with a pair of models designed to allow businesses to front various amounts of data to consumers interacting with their content or services. Verizon Wireless said the FreeBee Data platform includes a basic offer allowing content providers to “sponsor” specific consumer actions on a per-click basis, citing activities like viewing mobile video clips, audio streaming and application downloads. The more inclusive FreeBee Data 360 option bills usage to a content provider on a per-gigabyte basis.

“The majority of users are on limited/tiered plans because it's much cheaper than unlimited,” Susie Kim Riley, the CEO and founder of Aquto, told Ars. Aquto is a key player in zero-rating because it makes technology that automates the process of bringing in new data sponsors, i.e. companies that want to pay carriers for data cap exemptions. Aquto, an AT&T partner since the carrier launched its “Sponsored Data” program in January 2014, also helps data sponsors run their campaigns.

The US Aquto is bringing to Latin America its sponsored mobile navigation solution. The company, which already operates in the US, Europe and Asia, is negotiating integration with billing platforms operators in Mexico and Brazil. Signed a contract with each of these countries and expects to be connected to all major telcos both by early 2017, says its CEO and founder, Susie Riley, speaking by phone to Mobile Time. In the US, its main market, the company is connected to the AT & T and Verizon. In this way, advertisers can offer bonuses on mobile data to consumers in exchange for engagement, whether watching a video, download an app, fill out a registration form, reach a certain stage of a game or anything else. Each share is worth dozens of Megabytes the most in franchise data, and who pays the bill for the operator is the advertiser's brand. By negotiating greandes volumes, Aquto can lower prices per MB and still retains a small percentage of revenue, a revenue share agreement. Sponsored this data model, you can spend the bonus with free shipping on any website or app. Hundreds of brands have campaigned with Aquto US offering bonus data, such as: Hershey's, Toyota and Banana Republic.

Communication service TextMe is partnering with sponsored wireless data rewards company Aquto to offer a new data loyalty program to TextMe users. Made possible through the partnership, this program allows TextMe—whose vision is to offer “rich mobile communication (text, calls and mobile data) for free to anyone in the world”—to let their users accrue additional wireless data with major mobile phone carriers (US and international) as a reward for taking certain actions within the TextMe app. For example, each time you watch a sponsored ad, invite friends to join TextMe or purchase additional phone call credits within the app, you can accrue a certain amount of wireless data from your carrier that can be used however you like.

Some women recognize that corporate ladders are limiting and rigid. Instead, they strike out on their own. They want flexibility and control over their time. But they are faced with other challenges as employed mothers: discrimination, self judgement, work-life balance (which is what attracted them to entrepreneurship) and a lack of mentorship. Others are unique to entrepreneurs including raising capital and greater family conflict.

News: Accenture survey finds high awareness worldwide of techniques to block online adverts. Many consumers are hostile to digital advertising and would use ad-blockers to remove them, suggesting a considerable threat to the future of the industry. 42 percent of consumers globally said that they would pay to eliminate interruptions from advertising. As a whole, 61 percent were aware of several options for removing advertising such as ad-blockers. Young consumers were especially aware of ad-blockers, with 69 percent of those aged 18 to 24 aware and 66 percent of those between 25 and 34.

Advertising is becoming omnipresent in modern life, particularly as many services become free. Is it possible that in future we will have completely free mobile services, paid for through advertising? The basic advertising for content deal has been around for a while. Television channels have partially or wholly funded themselves with advertising for a long time. In the digital age, the model is the same; a website might require you to view a banner ad before you can read an article. Spotify allows users to listen to music for free if they are willing to listen to an advert every few songs.

BARCELONA, Spain—Mobile World Congress wrapped up Thursday with a record 100,000 attendees. From stats on Netflix signups to mind-blowing numbers from companies powering mobile phones, here are the 10 figures that got people talking this week. 1. Netflix is notorious for being tight-lipped when it comes to stats about its platform (particularly for ratings), but the streaming service revealed a few nuggets of data here. Scott Mirer, vp of the device partner ecosystem, said 42 percent of all signups were registered for a desktop or laptop, and 27 percent of signups were for phones last year.

Would free data be enough of an incentive for people to turn off their ad blockers? With all the chatter about what Apple's ad-blocking technology means for the fate of publishers and media companies, one startup at Mobile World Congress has an enticing pitch for marketers—fork over free mobile data in exchange for clicking on an ad. Aquto works with carriers and brands to create ad units that offer consumers free mobile data for interacting with advertisers. To be fair, Aquto has been around for a few years, working with brands like Hershey's, Coca-Cola and carriers including AT&T to power campaigns, but with the rise in ad blocking and concerns about how much data mobile ads eat up, the Boston-based tech company's business model seems particularly intriguing this year.

Data Perks came about in a partnership with Aquto, a company offering sponsored data services. Aquto CEO Susie Kim Riley compared mobile data to currency in a statement: "For marketers, Data Perks offers a new meaningful currency, mobile data, with which they can reward their customers." What does it mean for customers? With Data Perks, customers earn data by taking surveys, signing up for trials or by shopping, according to AT&T. Some offers require making a purchase to earn data, while others don't.

Do you run out of data every month? AT&T customers can now earn more via the carrier's Data Perks app. Available for Android and iOS, the program rewards users with extra megabytes each time they complete a survey or buy something online. Subscribers can transfer data in 25MB increments, up to 1,000MB per billing cycle. So don't expect enough AT&T credit to power your Jane the Virgin Netflix marathon. But a few minutes of survey answering could be worth another mobile Google search or two. Accrued data also expires with the end of each pay period, and only applies to the phone registered on the app, so make sure to use it. Download the app now from the iTunes App Store or Google Play store and get 25MB to start.

AT&T postpaid customers can now accumulate up to 1,000 megabytes of free data per billing cycle. Aquto, a Boston-based company in the sponsored data space, has furthered its partnership with AT&T to launch Data Perks, a mobile app that allows AT&T customers with postpaid data plans to receive mobile data as a perk by taking surveys, buying items, or trying out a product. Susie Kim Riley, Aquto’s chief executive, said 40 to 50 brands have signed on, including Rosetta Stone, Fandango, and Hotel Tonight. Data is not deducted when a user is browsing in the Data Perks app. The maximum amount of accumulated data that can be applied from the app to a user’s AT&T data plan is 1,000 megabytes per billing period. If a mobile user has a 3-gigabyte data plan, for example, 33 percent more data can be used without paying an overage fee (a gigabyte is 1,000 megabytes). Consumers can store and rollover unused data in the Data Perks app, and transfer the megabytes when needed.

AT&T is throwing free data at consumers in a move to entice interaction with advertisers. The carrier and partner Aquto launched the Data Perks application compatible with both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms that allows customers to earn “free” data access for partaking in surveys or making purchases through the app. Customers can earn up to 1,000 megabytes of data per month through the application, with that earned data having to then be manually transferred out of the earned pile into their data bucket in 25 Mb increments. Data transferred into a customers data bucket is also tapped prior to the data included initially in the data bucket, and the earned data does not rollover into the following month. Customers using the application are also not dinged from their current data buckets for browsing the service, though downloading content from the application does impact a customer’s data bucket. New customers are also provided with 25 Mb of free data for downloading the application.

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is enticing customers to sign up with the carrier by offering free data through the company’s Data Perks program. The service, offered in tandem with partner company Aquto, allows users to shop and take surveys to accumulate extra data with the company. The service is compatible with both the iOS and Android operating system platforms, ensuring that most customers can easily avail the service. Users can download the new Data Perks application from the Google Play store and Apple’s iTunes store, to earn free data. In any one billing cycle, customers can earn a maximum of 1,000MB of data by using the application to carry out surveys and shop.

AT&T Mobility (NYSE: T) is partnering with data monetization firm Aquto on a new program that offers customers the ability to get free mobile data if they look at advertising and surveys from marketers and in some cases, by buying products. The program, called "Data Perks," was first disclosed by Aquto in June, but at the time AT&T said it was not officially part of any new program, suggesting that Aquto jumped the gun. Data Perks will be a free app customers can download from Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) App Store and Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) Play Store, though only consumer postpaid customers will be eligible for the program. According to Aquto, customers who use the app can accumulate data and transfer up to 1,000 MB per bill period – roughly 1 GB of data -- to their AT&T account through the Data Perks app. They can then use their transferred data during that billing period while using AT&T's wireless networks, though according to AT&T, the earned data needs to be transferred in 25 MB increments. Unused transferred data expires at the end of the billing period in which customers transferred it. Data Perks will initially include offers from major brands including Fandango, Hotel Tonight, Rosetta Stone and more. AT&T customers will see offers from these brands, can sign up for trials, purchase products and engage in other activities to get more data.

As mobile device users add ad-blockers and other tools to avoid advertisements, companies are fighting back by paying for the data individuals use when they watch ads or videos. Boston-based Aquto said Wednesday it has raised $8 million in Series B funding to provide more users with access to sponsored data. Aquto, founded in 2012 by Susie Kim Riley, works with 60 to 70 marketers and companies worldwide to offer mobile users ads that don’t use data, or give users the opportunity to accumulate data minutes by downloading apps and consuming content.

The leading mobile operator in Philippines, Smart Communications via its parent company, PLDT is partnering with Aquto to offer sponsored data service to its subscribers. The move which will provide Smart Communications' subscribers access to more mobile data through sponsorships, is expected to enable the Operator to better monetize its mobile data network. The sponsored data service will initially be available to subscribers of Talk ‘N Text, the value brand of Smart Communications, as well as Sun Cellular, a wireless unit of PLDT.

Aquto, the leader in Sponsored Data Monetization, today announced a partnership with leading telecommunications and multimedia provider PLDT through its mobile subsidiary Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) in the Philippines. The partnership brings Aquto's Sponsored Data service to millions of Smart subscribers, giving them access to more mobile data through sponsorships, and enables Smart to give its subscribers more value while monetizing its mobile data network.

The Philippines' PLDT has launched a sponsored data service through a partnership with sponsored data monetization vendor Aquto. PLDT mobile subsidiary Smart is initially offering the service to subscribers to value brand Talk N' Text, and to customers of PLDT wireless unit Sun Cellular. Aquto's service offers free access to mobile data in return for viewing sponsored messages from third-party app publishers, advertisers and marketers. The company is already active in the US and Europe, but this is its first foray into Asia. “Smart is always on the lookout for innovative ways to better serve our customers,” Smart FVP for data services Michele Curran said.

Sponsored data programs are proving to be an effective method of both monetizing mobile data consumption and attracting new subscribers on a global basis. To take advantage of this growing opportunity, Alcatel-Lucent is collaborating with Aquto. The collaboration takes advantage of Aquto’s deep understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem and combines with Alcatel-Lucent’s policy and charging expertise and experience. Using the Alcatel-Lucent SurePay® platform, Aquto enables mobile service providers to rapidly roll out data sponsorship programs including data rewards and zero-rating of mobile apps/content. As shown in the diagram below, the service integrates with the existing IT infrastructure and with minimal investment, enables the service provider to monetize almost immediately by leveraging a global network of sponsors, which includes app publishers/developers, advertisers, and marketers.

When the new rules for net neutrality arrive, rest assured the big wireless carriers will be unhappy. But they can take solace in at least one victory. "Zero-rating" programs, in which operators turn their pipes into advertising and promotional channels, will likely remain intact in the broadband regulation -- and might even flourish. Last week, Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), laid out most of the coming internet rules with clarity. Yet he was less clear on another area: "zero-rating." It's a practice that is becoming more common. Carriers, often in partnership with marketers, subsidize the data used by consumers for particular mobile apps or websites.

With approximately seven billion people in the world, it may be surprising to learn that there are 6.8 billion cell phone subscriptions. There are also more mobile phones in use than there are landlines, something quite different than our parents and grandparents generations. This growth in cell phone use, which has occurred in a short time, explains why communication apps are also growing in use. However, there are still issues when using VOIP or mobile apps, including the need for your friends and family to install the same apps that you do or being unable to call or text certain numbers unless you pay upfront or earn virtual currency. In some cases, the app will not allow you to talk and chat at the same time. With rumors circulating that communication on mobile devices will become free in the future, these four startups applications are ahead of the game.

This year, the AlwaysOn editorial team has identified 50 mobile companies to watch during the coming year. Representing a wide range of sectors—advertising, cloud services, commerce, enterprise, social networking, marketing, and entertainment—these up-and-comers have solid, early-stage backing and the potential to hit $200 million in revenue during the next few years, indicating substantial returns for their inventors and rapid revenue growth in the short-term - See more at:

2014 is definitely an exciting time for mobile data – the usage of data continued increasing, 4G LTE-Advanced rollouts became commonplace, data packages started offering more than just megabytes and came bundled with music and top of the range devices and the connected car become another ‘device’ on shared plans. But the newest source of excitement on the scene is perhaps the ‘sponsored data’ which after a brief face-off with concerns of net neutrality is starting to take off in a big way in some regions, specifically the US with the likes of AT&T building their ecosystem of partners to enable the rollout of sponsored data services.

Kickbit, a service launched last year, allows smartphone users on prepaid plans to earn chunks of free data when checking out or signing up for new services. One recent offer, for instance, gave users 200 megabytes that could be used any time if they signed up for a seven-day trial with Hulu. Kickbit has been downloaded more than 100,000 times in the Google Play store. Susie Kim Riley, chief executive of Aquto, which launched the service, said that in exchange for engaging with brands, its users collectively earn tens of thousands of gigabytes of data each month—the equivalent of hundreds of hours of high-definition videos.

Welcome to the 2014 FierceWireless "Most Influential Women in Wireless" list. Since 2008, Fierce editors have been tracking the top female stars in the wireless industry. It's important to note that as we compiled our 2014 list, we were struck by how many more women are among the top-ranked executives at wireless companies. It's certainly a positive trend and I can't help but think that much of this evolution is due to the efforts of so many in the industry to recruit and attract talented women to the field. In fact, just last week AT&T made a $1 million contribution to "Girls Who Code," a national nonprofit working to close the gender gap in the tech and engineering sectors. And earlier this year, Verizon Communications was honored as one of the top 50 companies for executive women by the National Association for Female Executives.

With mobile data use growing as well as consumers’ concerns over how much they are paying for the data, Hershey’s is one of the first brands to offer to sponsor data costs for consumers who watch a video for its Scharffen Berger chocolate brand. The ads recently ran as banners in the Pandora iPhone app as part of AT&T’s new sponsored data program, which was introduced earlier this year. The sponsored content was only available to mobile users with an AT&T plan.

Almost six months after AT&T (NYSE: T) announced its Sponsored Data program, there are now at least a handful of companies that are currently making use of the service in a commercial setting. Although vendors involved in the program declined to name most of the actual companies that are subsidizing the cost of users' data, Hershey's and Cut the Rope are among those that have been named publicly.

Hershey's premium line of Scharffen Berger chocolate is one of the first brands to leverage AT&T’s sponsored data ads with a campaign that highlights both the branding and revenue opportunities of the new ad unit.

US mobile marketing firm Aquto has launched its MoVE Zero mobile value exchange platform, which enables brands to reward consumers who engage with mobile advertising and content with additional mobile internet data, paid for by the advertiser.

When AT&T introduced its Sponsored Data program last month -- allowing marketers to cover the data costs when customers interact with their promoted content -- it named startup Aquto as one of its initial partners. On Thursday, the Boston-based company announced it will power ads for the AT&T initiative through its mobile value exchange (MoVE) Zero platform starting in March.

Aquto’s use of AT&T’s controversial new subsidized internet program is definitely benign: it’s compensating mobile users for data consumed while viewing ads. But is its use case typical or the exception?

Say you want to watch a trailer for “The Wolf of Wall Street” on your smartphone. Why should you pay for the data required to display it when you are essentially viewing an advertisement?

LAS VEGAS–AT&T today announced Sponsored Data, a way for companies to pre-pay for the data AT&T customers use to access their services, putting those services outside subscribers' data caps.

LAS VEGAS--AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T) is introducing toll-free data plans, which allow partners to subsidize consumer data. The news comes after years of AT&T saying that content providers are interested in picking up the tab for subscribers' data usage so that it doesn't count toward their data bucket.

Online businesses will soon be able to sponsor mobile data usage — paying for the data so consumers don’t have to — on AT&T, thanks in part to a Boston startup.

This week AT&T announced a new program that allows companies to reward mobile phone users who engage with their content.

Serial entrepreneur Susie Kim Riley on Tuesday introduced her third startup–a company called Aquto Corp. that has found a way to help mobile users subsidize the cost of their data bills.

The high cost of mobile data is a pain point for many smartphone users. Meanwhile, mobile advertisers struggle to get users to engage with their content. Now a new startup says it has created a way to solve both problems at once, by rewarding users who engage with brand content on their cellphones with mobile Internet minutes.

A new company called Aquto today announced a unique business model that will offer consumers additional mobile data in exchange for engagement with brands. Aquto’s deployment begins in Europe with eligible Vodafone subscribers, with additional partnerships to be announced throughout 2013.

This morning marks the official launch of Aquto, a Boston-based startup with a novel business plan.

Most people find mobile ads even more annoying than television commercials, according to a study by Forrester research released last year. But would that change if advertisers paid them to pay attention?

Advertisers are pulling out all the tricks when it comes to getting your eyeballs on their mobile content. So could they be successful if the incentive is free data for your smartphone? A Boston-based startup certainly hopes so.

If we haven’t already become it, we’re turning into a nation of rationers when it comes to mobile data. As long as mobile apps keep getting more data hungry and mobile data prices remain high, we’re going to have to count our megabytes, ensuring we have enough bits left in our plans to watch that next YouTube video or upload that latest batch of photos to social media.

Boston startup Aquto on Tuesday emerged from stealth mode with a system allowing consumers to receive additional mobile Internet data with their existing carriers, in exchange for engaging with brands.

Worried about what it will do to your data plan when you download the newest version of Angry Birds or streaming Spotify while out and about?

Some seed funding, product debuts, and acquisition news to catch you up on a sweltering week around New England’s innovation scene...

Serial entrepreneur Susie Kim Riley is at it again, raising $8 million in Series A funding for Aquto, a start-up that's working on a new way to help people cope with the rising cost of cellular data, VentureWire has learned. A former entrepreneur in residence at North Bridge Venture Partners and Matrix Partners, which are backing Aquto, Riley says that consumers are at the limit of what they can afford to pay for cellular data and telecommunications providers are at the limit of what they can afford to offer. Mobile application developers, content providers and advertisers are affected by the high cost of data, too. Still, cellular data networks are becoming ever more powerful, and everybody wants the best experience on their smartphones. So Aquto is building a service and platform for members of the telecommunications ecosystem to develop "new value exchange business models" to help offset cellular data’s high cost, Riley said.

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