Mobile Data as Currency

Operators around the globe are unlocking new mobile data monetization opportunities by offering data sponsorships to the ever growing mobile ecosystem of businesses, app developers/publishers and advertisers who are looking to increase engagement with the mobile base.

Sponsored Data Enablement & Monetization

Aquto removes the barrier of the slow, painful process of bringing on a new sponsor by automating the process of on boarding, provisioning, reporting, billing and providing all the tools necessary to the sponsors to ensure a successful sponsorship campaign. Aquto's expertise in both the carrier space with its plethora of acronyms for complex charging, policy and gateway systems, as well as its comprehensive capabilities in the mobile app, commerce and marketing domain uniquely positions Aquto as the 'go-to' partner for sponsored data.

Sponsored Data Use Cases

With Aquto's Enablement Platform and the Marketing Cloud, operators gain maximum flexibility to support a variety of sponsored data use cases from consumer facing zero rating of ads, apps or content & data rewards for engagement, to enterprise services which can zero rate for BYOD or IOT applications.

Sponsored Data Enablement Platform

Aquto's Sponsored Data Enablement Platform allows you to expose Sponsored Data and Data Rewards capabilities and to onboard 3rd-party sponsors in an fully automated and highly scalable fashion through streamlined on-boarding, provisioning, reporting, and billing. The cloud based enablement platform integrates via APIs with the operators' OSS/BSS systems. For operators who want to on board businesses quickly and deploy use cases such as zero rating banking apps, or give data rewards to bank customers, the enablement platform is the right place to start.

Sponsored Data Marketing Cloud

Aquto's Sponsored Data Marketing Cloud is the end-to-end solution including an operator engagement app for those operators who want to leverage Aquto's marketing expertise and relationships with the mobile marketing ecosystem of publishers and advertisers to start monetizing immediately. With the Marketing Cloud, Aquto brings sponsors with a rich set of partnerships and integrations with the network of marketers - from app publishers, merchants to advertisers.

Engagement App

The operator engagement app from Aquto allows operators to create a custom marketing channel for their subscribers to discover data sponsorship offers from 3rd-party marketers and app publishers. The app can be operator branded or included into an existing app. Though the app, users can receive data rewards sponsored by their favorite brands, download apps without incurring data charges and accumulate data in their personal 'data bank'. Reward your subscribers and increase loyalty with the Aquto engagement app!