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Mobile advertising will account for nearly half of all advertising sales by 2021, up to US $96B annually, according to a recent Magna Global report. Global smartphone penetration is high, and with the recent shift from desktop ads to mobile video and app installation, smartphones are the ideal targets for advertising and marketing campaigns. There is one major problem, however— many customers lack data connectivity. In some emerging markets, at any one time, 80% of subscribers don’t have mobile data access via a mobile carrier, and are heavily reliant on inconsistent Wi-Fi connectivity. In Mexico, for example, half of the subscribers don’t have a data plan, and for those that do, it’s often limited to only 20 MBs per month.


  • Increase mobile campaign conversion rates and customer retention
  • Increase app downloads and in-app purchases with Data Rewards and zero-rating
  • Increase consumer engagement and loyalty
  • Provide customers with a “frictionless” Data Reward-user experience
  • BYOD: Employees can freely use employer data-sponsored phone apps
  • Improve in-store customer engagement

In many markets, since connectivity is at a premium, mobile operators and marketers are embracing the concept of sponsored data. In a recent Mobile Marketing Association survey in Latin America, 93% of respondents indicated that they would watch a video or engage with a brand in exchange for mobile data. Aquto’s Sponsored Data Platform uniquely provides this type of value exchange, integrating with mobile operator networks and building a bridge between mobile marketers and their target audiences

Aquto Sponsored Data Platform: Bridging the Gap Between Marketers and Mobile Subscribers

Aquto’s Sponsored Data Platform is a marketing cloud service that enables marketers to pay for data on behalf of users in order to increase mobile engagement, marketing reach, and conversion rates. Marketers can offer Sponsored Data (where users engage with content free of charge) or offer subscribers mobile Data Rewards in exchange for consuming specific content or for engaging with them. Data has become a form of currency, a value exchange that enables marketers to reward a specific call to action in order to improve mobile engagement across any type of mobile campaign (app downloads, in-app engagement, product trials, media), making their marketing spend more efficient and effective.


Aquto offers a turnkey data sponsorship solution for marketers with an established operator ecosystem, which includes Tier 1 operators such as AT&T, Verizon, Telcel, Telefonica Group, America Movil, and Orange Group, and is rapidly expanding its global footprint. Marketers can simply pick the regions to include in a campaign and take advantage of Aquto’s established footprint with the operators that serve those target customers. In Latin America, Aquto’s Sponsored Data Platform is already in place in over 90% of the operators’ networks. In the United States, marketers can target over 220 million AT&T and Verizon subscribers.


Aquto was first to market with a Sponsored Data Platform and is the only solution with an easy-to-implement API that integrates seamlessly into marketers’ apps or websites, can automatically detect user eligibility for sponsorship, and provides customers with a frictionless experience. This means that the customer is instantly awarded with data without having to send a text to a short code, fill out a form, or call a number—no hassles. With this quality of customer experience, marketers have consistently seen increased customer engagement and brand loyalty.


Data reward campaigns have proven to increase call-to-action completion rates. In a study with Coca Cola in Latin America, customers who were offered 10 MBs of data for watching an advertising video showed twelve times the engagement over subscribers who were offered the same video with no reward.

Solution Description: Aquto Sponsored Data Platform

The Aquto Sponsored Data Platform is a turnkey solution that includes multi-operator support, reward eligibility detection, and network-based subscriber identification. Aquto makes it easy for marketers and app developers to launch and manage sponsored data campaigns by offering a marketing stack that is flexibly integrated with many leading marketing tools and services within the ecosystem: ad servers, DMP platforms, attribution and tracking partners, reporting and analytics services, and CRM tools. Marketers can choose to run campaigns themselves with their own marketing tools, use Aquto’s Campaign Management Portal, or have Aquto run campaigns for them.

Figure 1: The Aquto Sponsored Data Ecosystem

Aquto makes campaign onboarding fast and painless. Campaigns can be launched within several days rather than months, since the Aquto platform is already integrated within the operators’ networks. If required, Aquto’s Campaign Management Portal enables marketers to easily create and launch campaigns in an operator engagement app, in their own mobile app, or on their website. A powerful analytics and reporting engine provides complete, real-time campaign and Sponsored Data performance statistics, making it easy to implement timely campaign adjustments to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Since Aquto’s platform integration requires no external proxy, rewards are associated with individual phone numbers, and all reward notifications to customers are handled natively and securely from within the operator’s network, so marketers can rest assured that they are protected from fraud.

Figure 3: Phone Numbers are locked to a Conversion Frequency Cap at the network level

Use Cases:

The Aquto Sponsored Data Solution offers marketers the ability to creatively design marketing campaigns for use cases in almost every industry. Here are the most common:

Native Data Rewards: Enables in-app engagement for native experiences, such as making an in-app purchase or taking actions within an app, and then receiving a data reward, which helps drive customer loyalty.

Figure 4: Examples of Data Rewards offered by Verizon and Easy Taxi.

Mobile Media Data Rewards: Drives engagement and improves conversions with mobile advertising/media. One popular use case involves a user being offered the chance to watch an advertising video in exchange for an instant data reward.

Figure 4: Example of a Coca Cola Data Reward offer for watching a video ad

Offline Rewards: Data Rewards can also be offered outside of the mobile device. This type of campaign drives in-store engagement with physical Data Rewards vouchers on almost any product, including packaged goods, bank credit cards, and soft drinks.

Figure 5: Example of a Data Reward offer for an on-site banking transaction

Offer Wall: Marketers can take advantage of operator “offer walls”. Many operators direct subscribers who have run out of data to an offer wall webpage, powered by Aquto. This page offers subscribers two choices: pay for more data or earn data by engaging with an offer from a brand. This is a huge advertising opportunity for marketers to reach a large audience—Movistar is expecting potentially millions of users per day to land at their out-of-credit offer wall. Aquto not only powers these offer walls, but aggregates the offers for the operator.

Figure 6: Movistar’s Offer Wall—Powered by Aquto


Mobile advertising has become the fastest growing form of advertising globally, as marketers have the opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of customers on their favorite device—their smartphones. Unfortunately, lack of data connectivity in many regions of the world has severely limited the effectiveness of mobile marketing campaigns. Aquto’s cloud-based, Sponsored Data Platform builds a bridge between marketers and the mobile customers they need to reach—enabling data sponsorship, a value exchange between marketers and consumers, where data becomes a form of currency.


Aquto offers the industry’s only secure, cloud-based, operator-embedded, Sponsored Data Platform with a full suite of campaign management and reporting tools. Aquto Sponsored Data, whether in the form of zero-rated apps and websites, or as Data Rewards, empowers enterprises, advertisers, and marketers to dramatically improve campaign effectiveness and increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Figure 7: Sample of marketers that work with Aquto

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