Entrevista con Susie Kim Riley, Fundadora & CEO en Aquto

Entrevista con Susie Kim Riley, Fundadora & CEO en Aquto

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Susie Kim Riley es una entrepreneur en serie con múltiples startups que la respaldan. Su última empresa es Aquto, líder en datos patrocinados y recompensas de datos con operadores en los Estados Unidos, Europa y Latinoamérica. Aquto está cambiando la forma en que los consumidores obtienen acceso a conectividad móvil permitiendo a los usuarios utilizar apps, ver videos y otro contenido en sus dispositivos, sin consumir sus datos o planes de datos.

Mavenir’s Aquto by Mavenir Wins GLOMO Award At Mobile World Congress

Barcelona, Spain – February 28th, 2019 – /PRNewswire/ —  Mavenir, the world’s #1 messaging provider and the industry’s only 100% software, end-to-end Cloud Native network solutions provider, is delighted to announce that the Mavenir Aquto by Mavenir Sponsored Data Rewards Platform has been voted the Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets in the GSMA’s prestigious GLOMO Awards 2019.

Through commercial sponsorship, the Aquto by Mavenir platform enables subscribers who cannot afford data connectivity to gain free access to the entire ecosystem of apps and services. This is driving the reinvention of the traditional economic model by leveraging the business aspirations of operators looking to reach new subscribers and unlock new mobile data monetization opportunities, and brands looking to reach new markets in developing countries.

The Award was presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (#MWC19). Mavenir’s Aquto by Mavenir platform was selected as the winner by a panel of industry expert judges, who said of the entry: “This stands out for the business model and innovative structural support of the technology – important for all new technologies but particularly compelling for a solution focused on emerging markets.”

“We are justifiably proud that the Aquto by Mavenir Platform has been recognized as a unique and disruptive solution,” said Susie Riley, GM, Mavenir Aquto by Mavenir and Monetization Business. “This is the only solution on the market that enables sponsored data campaigns and dynamically gifting app-agnostic data. Originally designed to help operators work more profitably with brands, the platform is increasingly being deployed in usage gap regions and is having a significant effect on enabling data usage for people who could otherwise not afford to access data services.”

Added Riley, “We currently cover the majority of Latin America where for example, more than 200TB of data has already been gifted to millions of subscribers.”

“Our congratulations to all of the winners and nominees of the GSMA’s GLOMO Awards 2019,” said John Hoffman, CEO, GSMA Ltd. “The GLOMOs are a testament to the incredible innovation and ingenuity shaping our industry and it is truly an outstanding achievement to have been selected by our esteemed judging panels. We thank all of our entrants, judges, sponsors and partners for supporting the 2019 GLOMOs.”

Easy Taxi Accelerates User Acquisition with Mobile Data Rewards.

Easy Taxi Accelerates User Acquisition with Mobile Data Rewards.

While companies like Uber and Lyft get the publicity, rivals like Easy Taxi are finding innovative ways to score new users as well. Easy Taxi is the most downloaded taxi app in Latin America. The Easy Taxi application connects taxi drivers and passengers allowing them to experience a fast, convenient and safe ride, at the tapof button. The secret to becoming the number one service in Latin America? Going far beyond traditional user acquisition strategies.

To learn more, download the success story here.

Telefonica Deploys Aquto by Mavenir Sponsored Data Rewards Platform Across the Globe – Participating brands include The Coca-Cola Company, Banco Azteca, EasyTaxi and Mondelēz International

BOSTON, July 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — a specialist in sponsored data and data rewards, today announced a partnership with global mobile telecommunications provider Telefonica. The partnership brings Aquto’s by Mavenir data rewards service to millions of Telefonica subscribers, giving them access to more mobile data through sponsorships. Aquto by Mavenir works with some of the largest brands including The Coca-Cola Company, Banco Azteca, EasyTaxi and Mondelez International to give users access to more mobile data.

“We’re excited to work with Telefonica, whose global operations reach over 170 million subscribers worldwide. Movistar Mexico was the first Telefonica property to deploy, thereby extending our reach to over 90% of mobile subscribers in the country,” said Susie Kim Riley, Founder and CEO of Aquto by Mavenir. “We are also honored to be working with some of the biggest brands – in a world where connectivity is essential to our lives, our brand partners’ willingness to give back to consumers through mobile data sponsorships is truly unique and visionary.”

Mobile engagement is accelerating globally, as social platforms, app developers, and marketers pay increasing attention to the rapidly growing smartphone base and growing economy in the region.

“Telefonica has long recognized there is a tremendous opportunity for mobile network operators (MNOs) to extend their capabilities into the realm of mobile advertising and marketing. Aquto’s by Mavenir innovations in sponsored data rewards takes our MNO monetization strategy to the next level,” said Jose Luis Casas, Global Director of Advertising at Telefonica. “In a world where users have smartphones and everybody relies on cellular connectivity, Aquto’s by Mavenir platform gives us the ability to use data rewards as a universal currency.”

Aquto’s by Mavenir service enables users to get more out of their mobile devices by giving them free data packages, sponsored by third-party app publishers, advertisers and marketers.

“Mobile marketing and advertising is growing at a tremendous rate as people spend more time on mobile than on any other device,” said aid Maria Angeles Callejo Rodriguez, Subdirector of Digital Services for Telefonica Mexico. “The regional mobile ad spend in 2017 will reach US$4 Billion, accounting for more than 50% of the digital market. Aquto by Mavenir enables us to capture more value from the vast market.”

About Aquto by Mavenir
Aquto by Mavenir is a specialist in sponsored data and data rewards with tier one operator deployments in the US, Europe and Asia. Founded in 2012 with headquarters in Boston, provides a frictionless way for app developers, advertisers and marketers to engage with users over mobile through zero rated content/apps and data rewards, and a new way for operators to monetize their data and network assets.

Aquto’s by Mavenir Sponsored Data Marketing Cloud is a self-service campaign-driven platform that marketers and agencies can use to reward their customers with additional mobile data for engagement – such as watching videos, downloading and using apps, making purchases or performing any Call-to-Action associated with a marketing or advertising campaign, on any inventory. Aquto’s by Mavenir proven service has dramatically increased the performance of campaigns by as much as a factor of 10 – whether it’s brand recall, purchase, downloads, app engagement or conversions, Marketers can increase the performance of their campaigns.

For more information visit aquto.com and follow the conversation at @Aquto on Twitter.

About Telefonica
Telefonica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world by market capitalization and number of customers with a comprehensive offering and quality of connectivity that is delivered over world class fixed, mobile and broadband networks. As a growing company it prides itself on providing a differential experience based both on its corporate values and a public position that defends customer interests. The company has a significant presence in 21 countries and over 349 million accesses around the world. Telefónica has a strong presence in Spain, Europe and Latin America, where the company focuses an important part of its growth strategy. Telefónica is a 100% listed company, with more than 1.5 million direct shareholders. Its share capital currently comprises 5,037,804,990 ordinary shares traded on the Spanish Stock Market and on those in London, New York, Lima, and Buenos Aires.

ZeptoLab Partners with Aquto by Mavenir To Enable ‘Data Free’ Download of Games Through Sponsored Data

BOSTON, June 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Aquto by Mavenir, the leader in sponsored data / data rewards, and ZeptoLab, the global gaming company dedicated to the science of fun, today announced a new mobile partnership. The partnership brings together Aquto’s by Mavenir technology and ZeptoLab’s popular mobile multiplayer game, King of Thieves, allowing consumers to download the game free of data costs through select media channels.

“With the explosion of smartphones and mobile content/services, sponsored data and data rewards plays a critical role in providing consumers with more mobile access and connectivity,” said Susie Kim Riley, Aquto by Mavenir CEO. “Generally, users are reluctant to download apps on cellular networks – we are removing the friction for users so they can download and use the app without worrying about the data charges.”

King of Thieves has attracted more than 31 million since its launch last year and continues to attract new gamers. Removing the data barrier not only increases app installation but also increases consumer engagement creating a consumer friendly experience for mobile users.

“Aquto’s by Mavenir unique approach to app downloads reduces the friction consumers often encounter when attempting to download an app over cellular connections,” said Elena Solovyeva, VP of Marketing and Sales of ZeptoLab. “The benefit we are providing our users will enable them to stay more engaged over mobile – clearly a , a win-win model for all.”

For more information regarding Aquto’s by Mavenir sponsored data and data rewards technology, please visit aquto.com and follow the conversation at @Aquto on Twitter.

About ZeptoLab
ZeptoLab UK Limited is a global gaming and entertainment company best known for developing the award-winning, hit franchise Cut the Rope®, which includes Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope 2, Cut the Rope: Experiments, Cut the Rope: Time Travel and Cut the Rope: Magic, available across platforms and devices. Cut the Rope games have been downloaded more than 800 million times by users around the world since the game’s debut in October 2010. The company has also released King of Thieves and Pudding Monsters™. For more information, please visit www.zeptolab.com.

About Aquto by Mavenir
Aquto by Mavenir is the leader in sponsored data and data rewards with tier one operator deployments in the US, Europe and Asia. Founded in 2012 with headquarters in Boston, provides a frictionless way for app developers, advertisers and marketers to engage with users over mobile through zero rated content/apps and data rewards, and a new way for operators to monetize their data and network assets. For more information, visit www.aquto.com or follow @aquto on Twitter.

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