Today, more time is spent on mobile than any other medium. For marketers, whether you’re trying to promote your brand or your app, ensuring users do not have to worry about mobile data connectivity is the foundation of engagement.

Sponsored Data

Sponsored Data by Aquto by Mavenir comes in two varieties:

Zero rate content/apps
Through ‘zero rating’, enable video and other content to be viewed and shared free of data charges. Download and use apps without incurring data charges.

Engage users with Data Rewards
Drive user engagement by giving them data rewards – that users can use to spend more time on mobile! Reward users with more mobile data for engaging with your services such as making purchases, watching videos, signing up for services, downloading apps and reaching in-app milestones.

Giving users mobile data connectivity, is a game-changer for marketers. Marketers can make their content ‘free to consume’ for users, by removing the friction of data connectivity to engage with ads, videos, apps.

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