BOSTON, June 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Aquto by Mavenir, the leader in sponsored data / data rewards, and ZeptoLab, the global gaming company dedicated to the science of fun, today announced a new mobile partnership. The partnership brings together Aquto’s by Mavenir technology and ZeptoLab’s popular mobile multiplayer game, King of Thieves, allowing consumers to download the game free of data costs through select media channels.

“With the explosion of smartphones and mobile content/services, sponsored data and data rewards plays a critical role in providing consumers with more mobile access and connectivity,” said Susie Kim Riley, Aquto by Mavenir CEO. “Generally, users are reluctant to download apps on cellular networks – we are removing the friction for users so they can download and use the app without worrying about the data charges.”

King of Thieves has attracted more than 31 million since its launch last year and continues to attract new gamers. Removing the data barrier not only increases app installation but also increases consumer engagement creating a consumer friendly experience for mobile users.

“Aquto’s by Mavenir unique approach to app downloads reduces the friction consumers often encounter when attempting to download an app over cellular connections,” said Elena Solovyeva, VP of Marketing and Sales of ZeptoLab. “The benefit we are providing our users will enable them to stay more engaged over mobile – clearly a , a win-win model for all.”

For more information regarding Aquto’s by Mavenir sponsored data and data rewards technology, please visit and follow the conversation at @Aquto on Twitter.

About ZeptoLab
ZeptoLab UK Limited is a global gaming and entertainment company best known for developing the award-winning, hit franchise Cut the Rope®, which includes Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope 2, Cut the Rope: Experiments, Cut the Rope: Time Travel and Cut the Rope: Magic, available across platforms and devices. Cut the Rope games have been downloaded more than 800 million times by users around the world since the game’s debut in October 2010. The company has also released King of Thieves and Pudding Monsters™. For more information, please visit

About Aquto by Mavenir
Aquto by Mavenir is the leader in sponsored data and data rewards with tier one operator deployments in the US, Europe and Asia. Founded in 2012 with headquarters in Boston, provides a frictionless way for app developers, advertisers and marketers to engage with users over mobile through zero rated content/apps and data rewards, and a new way for operators to monetize their data and network assets. For more information, visit or follow @aquto on Twitter.

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